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Girlfriend payed $129 for the original card, under these pretenses:

-"45 minutes" of track time

-Dash-cam video included

-Any car I want, they'll "all be available"

-$20 for a pic of me with the car

When I called to book the appointment, I was told that instead, it was:

-2 laps (Actually, due to the design of the Shannonville track it's more like 1.5 laps as the pit is before the straightaway)

-Dash cam video is NOT included, it's $50 extra

-Pic is actually $35

-I get to now pay the taxes on the 129, PLUS an ADDITIONAL $40 "track fee" to drive at Shannonville

Not wanting my girlfriend to have shelled out $129 for nothing, I pay the fees and we finally show up at the track in August. Guess what? The car I was promised WASN'T THERE. After doing my 2(1.5) hilariously brief laps, I paid for the pic and we left. I got home, and discovered the little SD card they give you was completely blank. $50 vid + $35 pic = $85 for a blank little SD card.

The entire experience was an absolute NIGHTMARE. I'm thinking of submitting a police report. Do NOT sit by and do nothing if you've been ripped off. Take action! If you haven't yet been scammed, AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!

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Well, I also received a $129 card as a gift. As I was ill at the time, I called the company and forked out another $250 for additional track time and one lap for my wife as well.

This was back in 2015.

I called the company on May 10, 2018 and found out that they have filed bankruptcy. Question is, how do I even try to recover any of my investment.

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