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On Feb 10th, 2014 I shared a picture of a gift card I bought while at Hill Crest Mall on Facebook. It was an offer to drive a Exotic car of my liking "which they owned" around a track for a few laps. The sales person told me that they had a special offer which would not last but it's for Valentines. He stated that for $129.00 we would receive the gift card, 2 laps on a track and 1 lap with a trainer to show you how to drive the car.

I asked him what kind of cars I could drive which his response was "you can drive the a Lamborghini, Nissan GT-R (you can bring your wife with you), Porche or Ferrari for just $129.00" He then asked me if I would like to buy 2 cards so that my wife could drive a car - I declined.

I asked the sales rep where the tracks were. His response was that they had tracks were in Quebec. I advised that I live in Richmond Hill (north of Toronto) and would not drive to Quebec to drive a car as the travel is 5-6 hours for a 2 lap drive - no worth it.

He then replies "No problem, we have a track that's in Ontario, just outside Oshawa". This is when I agreed to purchase the gift card. He then states that I will receive a call to book the car but not the track since the weather is not ideal during the winter months.

Feb 25, 2014 I receive a call from a Chris from G1 Tour who left me a message on my voice mail stating that he would like to offer me 30% off pictures and videos.

I call Chris back but instead of speaking to me about pictures and videos he starts asking me about the track I would like to drive on. I explain to him that I am from the Toronto Area so I will be going to the track just outside of Oshawa.

He then tells me that I have to pay an additional $170.00 to drive on that track plus taxes. What! I advised him that I was told that everything would be $129.00 as it's stated on my gift card. He states that the gift card can only cover tracks in Quebec. He then begins to try to sell me additional lamps and ignores the fact that I did not agree to this during my sale process. I ask for my money back but he stated that only customer service can help me with that and transfers me to voice mail.

I call back and speak to a woman who does not speak English even though I chose the English option on their phone system. The lady who answered, takes my information for a call back.

I get a call back from a rep who ask me to send an email which she will forward to the CEO of the company. I forgot to mention that during the call with Chris as well as the call with the last rep who asked me to send an email, they both advise me that they have received complaints about the sales rep that was here in Richmond Hill and as such have fired him.


So I send an email to a person who stated her name was Lawrence but later found out it maybe a Lauren but she would not repeat the spelling for me as she first refused to give me her name. She put me on hold many times speaking to someone else in the back ground. It was so unprofessional as she called me from a loud location in her background.

She ask me to do the same thing again as the previous reps (send an email). I advised that I already sent an email, so why do that again.

She then acknowledges that she received my email and replies back that she will listen to the call with Chris. I advice that my dealings with Chris was not the main issue. I advised that I sent an email to tell my story as their company request, and that I am looking to get my money back. She denies that while agreeing that the sales reps sold it wrongfully to me.

She began to become very upset as I kept asking her to refund my money.

I can't believe how unethical this business is. G1 Tour is a bully company which steals money from consumers and fails to take responsibility for their sales force that sells their Gift Cards wrongly. Lawrence (Lauren) refused to give me the business address, refused to give me a direct number to contact them instead of their toll free number, refused to give me the email address of Tony Frenette who is the owner of G1 Tour.

This is clearly a scam to steal money from people or to force them to pay additional cost over an above the gift card price which their sale person failed to advise. They failed to advised that tax would be additional and not included in the gift card price.

I do not recommend this business for it's unethical and poor business practice. The review of this scam is slowly coming up over the internet.

Here is a link of others who have been scammed by this company.

Monetary Loss: $129.

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